What do we want to do?

♥ We want to strengthen the capacities of people, organizations and communities to exercise their rights and the Common Good, particulary in the state of Oaxaca.

♥ We want the ones who share a part of their lifetime with us, to experience the effects of the sessions, workshops, learncircles, meetings and events that we organize. We want the experiences to transcend into their community scenarios and provoke an attitude change that leads them to becoming more secure, committed, autonomous, healthy, joyful, proactive and assertive.

♥ With our supportive actions, we want them to take their time, their space and the best way to express themselves, to build intergenerational as well as intercultural networks and carry out acts of resistance that serve towards the Common Good. We also want their initiatives to gain the recognition and support of the local authorities and media.

In three years we have been practicing permaculture and the co-creation of the Common Good in our own space that includes basic services and offers: reference material, means of communication, audiovisuals, ecotechnology, space to rescue native seeds and installations to make exchanges, accommodation, apprenticeship and further education, more accessible. Our center could be called “paths to the common Good” and there we see us healthier, more coherent, calmer, clearer, satisfied and safe.


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Our Story

In 1998 a group of people with a trajectory in the social sector decided to create an organization that promoted collectivity and self-financing. In 1999, Initiatives for the Development of an Alternative and Solidarity Economy was legally constituted. For three years IDEAS Comunitarias was promoting the formation of Community Financial Organisms (OFC) in the state of Mexico and marginalized areas of Mexico City, through its own methodology for the promotion of popular finance.

Shortly thereafter, we provided processes of participation from rural and urban youth in schemes of intercultural relations within community spaces, in the state of Oaxaca.

Since 2007 to date, we support youth collectives in the Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur, Istmo and Central Valleys in their projects, productive and cultural profile, which promote sustainable relationships between people as with their environment. Through accompaniment and micro-financing with seed funds we improve their income and quality of life, family and community. Since 2016 we promote work in favor of a life without violence for women and community governance among the different people of the state of Oaxaca.

We build the Common Good together, to be happy!

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